My name is Sagun Raj Lage, and I come from the beautiful country of Nepal. I am an iOS Engineer who leverages the power of the Swift programming language to give birth to beautiful and handy mobile applications. I love playing with Flutter as well. Plus, I am a Full Stack Engineer developing web applications using the Laravel framework based on PHP and the React library based on JavaScript. Almost all the code I write is on my GitHub profile.

I have a particular interest in learning and sharing the things I've learned. Hence, I write blogs on Medium. Also, I got my book," Getting Started with WidgetKit," published in May 2021 by Apress Inc., which talks about how developers can develop widgets for iOS and iPadOS. Likewise, I have had the experience of tutoring, mentoring, and helping more than 1800 students to learn programming languages like Swift, PHP, JavaScript, and Python free of cost. And whenever I am free, I love singing, playing my guitar, and posting it on my YouTube channel.

I believe in giving back to the world. Therefore, I prefer to call myself a voyager on a life-long journey to contribute from his side to make the world a better place to live.

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Sagun Raj Lage

Sagun Raj Lage

Book Author

Author of Getting Started with WidgetKit (2021) | Research Associate at UGA Savannah River Ecology Laboratory | iOS Engineer | Full Stack Engineer