Find out how some carriers make you do some extra work to enable Personal Hotspot in iPhone

After about one and a half years of being an iOS Developer, in November 2020, I could finally muster courage to invest my savings on an iPhone. Hence, after months of in-depth research and feasibility study (credit goes to my involvement in technical field for that habit of using jargons…

On November 7, 2019, an announcement was posted by Shreyata Karmacharya, the Engineering Manager of Insight Workshop, in the official Skype group chat of the company. It was about an internal hackathon, “IW Hack Fest 2019”, that was scheduled for November 23, Saturday. With that announcement, a wave of idea…

Sagun Raj Lage

Author of Getting Started with WidgetKit (2021) | iOS Developer | Full Stack Web Developer

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