Getting started with SwiftUI Lists after WWDC 21

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  • Give a much better look and feel to their lists with less effort.
  • Configure each row to contain various kinds of views like Image, Text, Button etc.
  • Use the same code to…

Find out how some carriers make you do some extra work to enable Personal Hotspot in iPhone

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Learn the import process the easy way

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Getting started with WidgetKit

Source: WWDC20

An awesome feature that most programming languages do not offer

An awesome new feature in Swift 5.2

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let carModels ={ car in
return car.model

As of Xcode 11.4 beta, you can!

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Putting it all together and adding the functionality to your app

3. Implementing Sign in with Apple in Your iOS App

Now, the only step remaining to be done is in the iOS app itself. In Part 1 of this series, we added Sign in with Apple to our app’s…

Building your custom back end

2. Making the Back End Ready by Implementing Sign in with Apple

For implementing Sign in with Apple on a Django-powered back end, we’ll need a server running a project of Django 2.0 or above, with Python Social Auth. …

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